A piece of paper is not just a piece of paper, but becomes an essential ingredient in the creative process and can give life to the artist's mark.

--Vance Studley

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Welcome! I am Celeste Daniel, founder of Celestial Papers. This site includes some paper samples, some of my artwork, my favorite handmade paper and book links, and a listing of where you can see my work.

A little bit about what I do...

Ts'ai Lun in 105 A.D. conceived of a process of papermarking using old rags, hemp, tree bark and fish nets and became known throughout China as the founder of papermaking. In this tradition, I make paper, recycling clothing, sheets, curtains, and a multitude of materials composed of natural fiber.

A little bit about the process...

What is the main ingredient in handmade paper?

Pulp. Pulp is made of fabric or material that has been beaten by hand or machine and added to water. This creates a substance called slurry -- the first element necessary to create handmade paper. The slurry is then placed into a vat.

Then what?

This substance is pulled through what is called a mold and deckle. Basically this is a frame with a strainer attached. The mold and deckle is dunked into a vat of slurry. The key is to evenly cover the screen with pulp.

So what do you do with this stuff?

You rock your mold and deckle filled with pulp from left to right and work it out of the frame onto a piece of felt. This process is called couching.

And now?

The pulp that has been couched onto the felt is covered with another piece of felt and placed onto a press which is essentially a very large vice grip. All of the excess water is then squeezed out of the pulp.

Then what?

The paper is placed upon a non-porous surface and flattened with a rolling pin. It is left to dry for a day or so.

And you have... a piece of handmade paper!





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