Know what the old masters did... All the past can help you.

--Robert Henri

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Celeste M. Daniel is an artist living and working in Washington, D.C. She developed a passion for papermaking eight years ago while a student at the Corcoran School of Art. Loving the therapeutic qualities, the variety of beautiful materials, and the idea that she was participating in a largely "forgotten" art, she went on to intern at Pyramid Atlantic under Helen Frederick, and in the Corcoran Printmaking Department under Georgia Deal.

Her cards, like her sculptures, are pure assemblage; juxtaposed colors, textures, various materials, and papers connecting together to create a finished work of art.

Celeste Daniel has had shows at the Corcoran Hemicycle Gallery, Gallery 4 Now, the District of Columbia Arts Center, and the Fresco Arts Gallery. She participates in the Corcoran's Annual Printmaking Portfolio, held at Gallery K. Last year's portfolio "Electing Miss America," was reviewed by the Washington Post, featuring a paragraph on her work and a photo of her print, "Meat the Contestant."

She can be reached via the Corcoran School of Art Print Department.





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